Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Story written many years ago

Juliani was a middle aged man who spoke little english. What english he did speak was laden with heavy Itlalian undertones, coming from his native Sicilian dialect. Juliani had come to England in 1975 to start his own Olive Oil business, "Juliani's". Juliani avidly tells anyone who'll listen that of all his grandfather's estate, he was left but a toy car while the bulk of the money went to his enterprising brother.

Juliani worked hard for 10 years to raise the money to start his business and every year since then he has made just enough money to pay his workers well and have a little on the side to feed his passion: toy cars. On the twentieth year, to the day that he opened his business his workers bought him a miniature 'Maserati'. With his European passion, Juliani burst into tears thanking everyone personally with two kisses on each cheek.
On the 20th of December 2005, "Juliani's" was forced out of business. The papers claimed that "Juliani's" Olive Oil had caused a food poisoning incident. Incensed by the horrible happenings Juliani wept and prayed for forgiveness. He sold his factory and his equipment and amassed the money to give his loyal workers their christmas bonus and with that taken care of, he hung himself.

Some days later his workers all received a strange parcel in the mail. The parcel, addressed personally to each member contained three items. A poem about each worker, a wad of money and a toy car. Juliani had given each of his workers one of his prized toy cars as a keepsake for them to remember him by. His most prized toy car, the 'Maserati' which his workers had given him, he sent to the house in which he grew up with an inscription on the bottom.

"Money is the puzzle of man, The priceless"

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